Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm still here (This one's for you Jade) :o)

So as my last post was titled...Lots of stuff has been going on! I have been sewing and embroidering and sewing some more. I am ever so thankful for SweetSamantha and all the things happening there. I can honestly say that I would have never in a million years seen me sewing in this manner....let alone for other people. See, I always dreamed myself a creative type, but then I would see real creative people and think, "I am worlds away!" However, I have come to learn that creativity comes in a massive variety of forms and fashions....and that I guess I have a little creativity of my own....

Lately I have kinda left both of my blogs virtually untouched (is that a pun?) because honestly I haven't known what to do with them. My family blog got left because I was using it to share stories and pictures of the kids....but with facebook around it seemed I was posting everything in two places! It was kinda the same with this blog and my SweetSamantha FB page. Why would I post things here and there?

There was also an internal struggle on my part....I love my blogs, but I struggle with how much to say or not to say. I mean my feelings, thoughts, dreams, etc. are being made available to the world. And I'm a sensitive type. I have seen blogs I love get totally trashed...not because they're bad, but because...let's face it... everyone has someone who dislikes them. And I honestly would rather not know who dislikes me... or hates my opinion....or who thinks what I just said is the dumbest thing they're ever heard. So, I'm still struggling with how much of myself I keep just for me and how much I share with the big wide world (I mean only a handful of people will even read this...but still it's world wide accessible!)

So I'm still here and crafting and loving it. I'm still slightly obsessed with colorful cotton...and oh, I just got a new turquoise minky that I don't even want to cut because it is just so yummy looking! I'm still hoping for an organization fairy to come while I sleep and magically make my home the most organized place on the the kind you see in magazines....I guess it would help if I believed in fairies... Anyways....I digress...

Well, that's all for now. Maybe next time will be something more crafty. :o) I actually have an idea I'm doing research on right now. Who knew research was involved in sewing?

Till next time my friends....

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