Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New shoes in my shop!

Now in my shop....new baby shoes!

Seriously....they are so adorable!

Friday, March 5, 2010

To re-finish or to not re-finish...

That is the question! I have no idea how or why I stumbled into this. There is something extraordinarily appealing to me about obtaining a used piece of furniture, taking it apart, sanding it, painting it, and putting it back together.

I have already done it once before.... I found this beauty on craigslist for a whopping $25:

A little paint.....a little hardware...a little while later.... (OK, maybe a couple of months later....)

And yes....before you wonder too much....I got the wrong hinges for the doors, and these hinges make the doors separate a little in the middle. I need to go get the correct hinges, but I just haven't yet. This little beauty is my *new* sewing cabinet. I absolutely love the blue, and couldn't have asked for cuter knobs (Thank you Home Depot). Well, since re-finishing this piece I found this website that I absolutely love! She finds the most beautiful pieces and re-finishes them. Then she sells her re-done beauties to homes who are anxious to enjoy them. Her FAQ's are very well done, and honestly they make me feel like I can re-finish anything. Her website made me so excited that I just had to show it to Andy and say, "Can I do something like this?" Now, my husband loves and believes in me to the moon and back....he knows I can do anything I put my mind too, and I don't give up until it's attempted or at least well researched (already learned my lesson to look before leaping). But he's hesitant to give his blessing b/c he doesn't want our garage to look like a used furniture depot...and I don't either. So, like all good married couples, we made a compromise.....I can find and re-finish one piece and after that I'll see how I like it and how I wish to proceed.

It's a VERY good compromise because after looking around I can see how we would end up with 3 dressers that I purchased for $20 sitting in our garage forever.....blocking ample parking and storage space. This motivates me to finish so I can proceed. (Something I'm also doing in fabric purchases.....using fabric I have before buying more).

And motivated I am.

I found this website that is an estate sale company with a liquidation center for things that have yet to find a home. Like the first beauty in this picture...

See it? The darker dresser? It was love at first site. And sometime this week I plan on driving over to their liquidation center and seeing if she's still there. If the price is right, I'm pretty sure she'll be coming home with me. :o)

We'll see.....and after that? Who knows. Only time will tell. But I can tell you the "hunt" is really too much fun...