Monday, November 15, 2010

Look at the camera for mommy! Yeah Right.

How did I get both of my adorable children to look at the camera and smile for these shots??

"Nemo" took the picture.

No really, he did.

Well, technically he didn't but that's not what the kids thought! (Oh, we parents can be a sneaky bunch!)

The secret is balancing our little Nemo on top of the camera, setting the auto-timer, and then telling the kids to look at Nemo and smile so "he" can take the picture!

If mommy or daddy asked them to look and smile at the camera? It would be a no go.

Trust me....the pictures above would have had tears or the back of the kids heads. (Speaking from experience on this one.)

Now Nemo does a fine job with the auto timer set, but what about when MOMMY is behind the lens and Nemo is busy somewhere else??

Well, while breezing around Etsy creating a treasury, I found the most awesome "Look at the camera" solution ever!!!

It's a Lens Pet from Mandee Franee Designs on Etsy!!!

Isn't it just the cutest idea ever?!? And, it's perfect for anyone trying to photograph babies or children. I absolutely love it! They are too cute! Mandee Franee has many more designs in her shop! Go check it might just find one that's perfect for your camera!

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