Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What happens when you stay up too late

What happens when you start craving a cup of coffee at about 11 at night? And then you drink said cup of coffee and suddenly start feeling crafty? What happens is that you end up staying awake till 2:30 AM working on a new project. Then when you realize how absolutely dog tired you are and you finally drag yourself to bed, all you can think about is your new project and how giddy you are to actually finish it!!

So the next day I finished my project, which is a travel bag for my son. Today I'm going to be working on one for my daughter and then I'll take pictures of both and share with you. I used my serger to make my son's bag, and WOW. I mean that thing is AWESOME. Literally it securely sewed the seems for my son's bag in a fraction of the time I would normally spend sewing a straight stitch and then finishing it with a zig zag stitch. It was incredible!! By the way, in case your interested this is the serger my Nana purchased for me. (Merry Christmas to me)

Pictures of my new project coming soon! If I don't blog beforehand, then Merry Christmas to everyone!!

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