Friday, December 18, 2009

Starting Off

As far as a "business blog" goes, I'm still really getting started. Oh, I've done the blogger thing and still do the blogger thing on my other blog.... BUT that blog is easy b/c it's mostly about my kids and my family and not much else. I had included some things from my business over there, but my family is really more interested in the kids than in my creations. (If you have kids, you are probably nodding right now in complete understanding). So, doing a blog that's for me, by me, about me is .....well....different for me.

So, starting off I guess I should share a little bit about me.....

My name is Michelle, I am the wife of Andy, and the mom of two precious children. Prior to having children, I taught school. I loved being a teacher, but I loved being home with my kids more.

Then came the point that I needed something "to do". I didn't want "a job"...I just wanted something that was my own. Something that spaghetti stained fingers and a sports crazy husband were not apart of.....I mean they cheer me on from the sidelines, but they're not helping with projects or anything :o).

As I said in the previous post, I have always been a crafter of some sort. I have taught myself how to make hair bows and how to crochet. I have learned how to make wreathes and how to fancy up a plain clipboard. I have taken my turn at scrapbooking and photo journaling (which may or may not be the same thing). Then, I learned how to sew, and I fell in love. And in fact SweetSamantha happened completely by accident. I simply started posting pictures of my creations on facebook, and suddenly family, friends, and friends of friends started asking me to make things for them. With that I discovered something else, I love making things for people. I love it when someone says, "it's perfect", "it's just what I was looking for", "it's so stinkin cute."

So, here I am. Making simply sweet creations for others and telling about it here. I want this blog to be an outlet for my creative process. To be able to share what's new, what flopped, and what's next. So hopefully, you'll come on this journey with me and maybe it'll inspire you to make something crafty of your own.

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