Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sew Something New - Doll Dresses

Sew Something New Friday
For "Sew Something New" Friday.....err, Saturday... we happened to have two sweet little girls visiting with us (who also happen to be twins). Both of the girls absolutely love their American Girl Dolls! They love the books about them too, and I was amazed at how they knew the stories of each one and would describe their personalities (the characters) to a T. Since they love their dolls so much, I just knew I had to make something for their dolls. So, I made them both little dresses out of their choice of fabric!

The first chose zebra print and lilac fabric....

And the second chose a blue fabric with white and yellow flowers print and yellow with white polka dots....

You can't see the pocket very well b/c of the sunlight, but it's in the same yellow with polka dots print as the sash.

They were fun to make and I enjoyed seeing the girls enjoying them so much!! Thanks for the inspiration girls! :o)

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