Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew Something New Friday - Got Plastic Bags?

Sew Something New Friday

For the next two weeks, my Sew Something New projects will be focusing on solutions to problems around the house.

This week's problem? Plastic bags on the floor.

Most of the time I do my best to use reusable bags (a possible upcoming project), however, sometimes I forget my reusable bags and I have to use plastic. The majority of the plastic bags I save and put in the recycling bin when I head back to the store, but some of them I save to use as liners for our small trashcans or if I need to donate something small (like for our can food drive this Sunday at church). Anyway, the bags I save normally end up stuffed into one plastic bag, which has almost always resided in the floor of the laundry room or pantry. Not anymore!!

The solution?
A plastic bag holder.

(Pic to come soon!)

What's your newest project?

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