Monday, February 8, 2010

Sewing "minky" and how it almost killed me...

Well, not literally almost killed me, but yes I felt my frustration rising to that point while sewing it. Somehow I picked up minky material and a cotton and thought, "what a piece of cake to sew up a sweet little blanket. Right?? WRONG! I think I pulled out the seams and tried again 3 or 4 times. So, after I finally figured it out (sorta), and at least got the four sides sewn (kinda) straight, THEN I sought help. I know....I'm backwards like that!

I found this fabulous blog of a lady who happens to also be an Etsian..... you can view her blog HERE. Thankfully she had a wonderful tutorial and I learned the secret of sewing minky fabric.....PINS....and LOTS of them! So, I am ready now to try again and see what happens the second time around. I'll take pics of "the first" tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll sell it in my Etsy shop as "this is my first...I know it's not perfect" or just let my sweet baby girl enjoy it. We'll see!!

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