Friday, January 1, 2010

Taking pictures....what I've learned.... so far

I read lots of other blogs, and really what jumps out to me most are eye-catching photos. Now, first of all, I am NOT an expert photographer....I so wish I was! But I also know there ARE secrets out there...tricks of the trade if you will....that can make normal ordinary people like me be able to take a pretty nice picture every know and then.

Here are some tips I've picked up along the way (and REMEMBER I am NOT an expert by any means....these tips have just been ones I find most beneficial in improving the shots I take):

#1 ~ Take photos and LOTS of them!

**A little secret....shhhhh, don't tell! This little On the Go baby shoes photo was was only 1 out of 21 shots I took of these cutie little feet.

I have seen quite a few bloggers (who's pictures are worth their salt) say they sometimes take upwards of 50-100 shots of one thing just to capture 2-3 GOOD shots! If you want a good shot....take LOTS of shots!! ( memory card can hold 500-600 shots....why not take more than 2?)

#2 ~ Don't be afraid to get in close on your subject. Or at least zoom in!

There's no law out there (at least I think there isn' never know) that says you have to get the WHOLE person in your photo. :o)

#3 ~ Get as much of a natural light source involved as possible. The best photos I've seen have been taken either A: Outside or B: Close to a window.

This photo, for example, was taken on a dreary day but it was taken right next to a window.

(Can you see the window screen in the photo? Hee hee :o))

And last but not least...

#4 ~ Don't be afraid of photo editing. It won't bite....I promise.

I chose this to be last because honestly photo editing was something I feared....well, maybe "feared" is not the best word....

Have you ever had that dream (nightmare really) where ALL of your photos were destroyed because you tried to edit them and they were completely damaged forever? Ok, maybe I'm the only one....

Seriously, it won't happen that way! You can edit and play around all you want! Take that baby out for a test drive!!

Now, currently there are only 2 free photo editing services I am familiar with. The first is Picasa by Google, and the second is Photoscape. I personally like both.

Of course if you have photoshop or something, then by all means use it!!

Well, that's all I've got....I hope you gleaned something what what I've learned so far. I know I have a lot of learning left to do, but's a start, right? :o)

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